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Garage Band - Class of 2022: Atomic Entourage

Get to know Atomic Entourage and hear about their Garage Band 2022 experience!

By Always Live

When Atomic Entourage stepped onto the stage at Fed Square for Garage Band 2022, no-one knew what to expect. The 3-piece from Ballarat wasted no time in capturing the crowd's attention with their catchy, energetic set, which when paired with their stunning lyricism and storytelling, made for a very, very good show.

We spoke to the boys from Atomic Entourage about their Garage Band experience and what they've been up to since.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your music.

Atomic Entourage is an alt rock band based in Melbourne. We got our first big break supporting the touring Australian bands Loose Bricks and Juno. From there, we broke into the Melbourne scene with our own headliners and released two EPs, Seasons, and Dangerous.

What was a standout moment of the Garage Band experience?

Getting the crowd to sing the tune of Escape From You, AE’s favourite original song to play live. The audience was so energetic and keen to sing along we didn’t even need to sing with them. One of our favourite ever memories performing for sure.  

What have you been up to, music wise, since then?

We released our second EP Dangerous, and played our first music festival at Port Fairy Folk Fest which has been incredible. 

Have you found any new opportunities that have come as a result of being a part of GB 2022?

Thanks to the videos, photos and experience we were able to book headliners across Melbourne music venues as well as accumulate more followers from the crowd at Garage Band 2022 which has been instrumental in our development.

What would you say to any young musicians thinking about applying for Garage Band 2023?

Garage band is an incredible and unforgettable experience for up and coming bands to be able to be put on a big stage with a hyped crowd who are keen to hear the new age of music.   

Atomic Entourage recently dropped their second EP Dangerous, featuring Escape From You, the song they performed at Garage Band. The boys are also currently in the process of writing some new tracks and all of us at ALWAYS LIVE HQ can't wait to hear what they come out with.

Make sure you follow the band on Instagram at @atomic_entourage so you don't miss a thing.

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