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Visit Victoria ↓

There are so many ways to experience contemporary live music across Victoria.

The opportunities are unparalleled and music is the heartbeat of the state. You can find it in the iconic band rooms that the music scene is built on. At regional music festivals in breathtaking locations year round. In gritty atmospheric basement bars and intimate nightclubs that have a culture all of their own. It's in our arenas, which are as great as any the world over. It's at in-stores in record stores and at all night warehouse parties. It is in some of the world's most lauded music halls and it's on street corners delivered by buskers. That's why the state, and specifically Melbourne, has earned its reputation as the live music capital of Australia.


What's new in Victoria

Are you a foodie or wine buff, an art lover or festival follower? Antiques admirer or seeker of street art? You'll find the perfect event in urban and regional spaces all across Victoria.