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Garage Band - Class of 2022: Meghna

We chatted to Garage Band 2022 alumni, Meghna about her experience being a part of the show and what she's been up to since then!

By Always Live

When we think of highlights from the 2022 ALWAYS LIVE season, it's hard to go past Garage Band. A bunch of talented young artists taking over three Fed Square stages, right in the middle of Melbourne? Truly one for the books! Since then, our Garage Band Alumni have been busy cooking up some new music and gigging all over the state, and we cannot wait to see what else the Class of 2022 are going to achieve this year.

We sat down with rock, hip/hop, electronic fusion artist Meghna, who blew everyone away with her performance, to find out what she's been up to since jumping on the big stage.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your music!

My name is Meghna, which is Sanskrit for something that resides in the clouds, like thunder, lightning or brilliance (thanks for the cool name Mum and Dad!). I always wanted to pursue music, and was raised on classic rock like Dire Straits, Billy Joel, and Queen. In my formative years, I discovered hip-hop. This has led me to find my own unique sound in music, influenced by rock, hip-hop and electronic music. My lyrics explore what it means to be human, inspired through learning about human rights all throughout school and uni. 

What was your favourite experience from being a part of Garage Band in 2022?

The whole experience was eye-opening— to be a part of something so big and innovative was super exciting for me, and playing alongside other bright, young musicians was awesome. If I had to pick one experience though, it would be my performance. It was the biggest crowd I had played to yet, at an iconic Melbourne landmark like Fed Square, and the crowd was electric. It was awesome to see everyone dancing to my song, and my band and I definitely enjoyed feeding off the unmatched energy from the crowd. If I could relive that moment again, I would!

What was the standout moment from the performance day?

After the performance, it was so lovely to engage with the audience— people were asking us questions and telling us they loved our set and our stage presence. I can pick a couple of standout moments— finding out post-performance that my performance was played on the big screen, and getting tagged in stories of people who were probably metres away from the performance but could watch on the big screen. Also getting asked to take photos with people in the audience was truly a cool rockstar-esque feeling. 

What have you been up to since being a part of the GB experience?

I have been busy as ever! Since then, my profile has grown considerably, and having Garage Band on my resumé has allowed me to book new gigs, playing to 1000s alongside famous Australian musicians! I am in the process of releasing new songs, getting a website up and running and filming a music video as well, so 2023 has proved to be my busiest year yet!

*Meghna is being very humble. She's been performing alongside the likes of Tex Perkins and Mia Wray, and wracking up over 200K listens on Spotify!*

Have you found any new opportunities that have come as a result of being a part of GB 2022?

Funnily enough, a huge opportunity arose from GB 2022, almost immediately after my performance. I was approached by someone in the crowd who works at one of the biggest radio stations nationwide, and she loved my energy performing. From what she gathered through my stage presence, she thought I would be perfect for a particular role at the station, and I have since been working there! Through GB, and through the radio station, I have grown my network considerably.

What would you say to any young musicians thinking about applying for Garage Band 2023?

DO IT!!! It is truly an incredible experience, working with amazing musicians, artists and crew for such a large-scale production. Not only will it be an impressive feat to look back on later in your career, it will open you up to a world of possibilities.

Meghna has some incredible new music coming out this year, including the song that she brought to life for the hundreds of people who joined us for her set at Garage Band. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure to check her out on all streaming services as well as follow her on Instagram at @meghna.musicc so you don't miss it!

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