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Thu 27 Jun

VIA VIC - June Edition

Six new tracks to keep you warm this June on our VIA VIC playlist. Image Credit: Surprise Chef by Simon Fazio.

By Always Live

June has arrived in Victoria and with it comes a solstice, warm breath on cold morning air, short days, long nights and naturally, a fresh clutch of heaters for our VIA VIC playlist. Embark with us on a sonic journey as vast and varied as the rugged landscape of Victoria itself – from hyper pop club bangers to gentle reflections on spirituality; chuck on these six tracks and see where they take you.  

JHM – In The Garden 

Garage Band alumni and soul-pop renegade JHM shares her new single ‘The Garden’. Heavenly harmonies curl around JHM’s soaring vocals and a disco infused bassline feels as rejuvenating as a face full of sun on a winter’s day.

June Jones – Do U Believe

If June Jones’ Proximity EP is a sonic temple, then her focus track ‘Do U Believe’ is a hedonistic hymn and the dancefloor at 3am is the holy land. Laid over the most bodacious of club beats, themes of queer joy, pleasure and honouring chosen family run through Jones’ storytelling to provide an evocative glimpse at her deepest inspirations.

GUM and Ambrose Kenny Smith - DUD 

After a special collaborative Record Store Day 7” in 2023, Jay Watson (GUM) and Ambrose Kenny-Smith (King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard) join forces on a new album, announced with recent single DUD. Co-written by Ambrose-Smith’s late father, it acts as a sonic farewell, and touching tribute to his beloved ‘Dud’. Uplifting synth flourishes and psych guitars decorate Kenny-Smith’s apogean vocals.

Summer Flake – New Day 

No better way to grapple with existentialism than with Summer Flake in your headphones. The second single ‘New Day’ from their upcoming album “Nothing Lasts Forever” (out June 28) melds laid back acoustic strumming and Steph Crase’s signature washed out vocals. ‘New Day’ exemplifies this band at their best; indie pop malaise with lyrics that cut right to the bone.

Armlock – Guardian 

Harkening back to vignettes of American Football and The Get Up Kids, Melbourne’s Armlock share new single ‘Guardian’. Resplendent with the hallmarks of 90’s Midwest Emo – looped twangy guitars and snappy snares, ‘Guardian’ sounds like a whispered prayer;  a quiet rumination on yearning for connection to those earthside and heaven sent. Their new album Seashell Angel Lucky Charm is out July 12.

Drmngnow – Ngarwu

After 3 years away, celebrated Yorta Yorta artist and advocate Drmngnow (Neil Morris) returns with new single ‘Ngarwu’. Over a bed of lifting synths Morris reflects on the political and environmental tumult that First Nations communities have experienced in recent times: enduring  bushfires, Covid and The Voice Referendum. ‘Ngarwu’ is a  call to listen curiously and with an open heart to indigenous voices. 

We’ve added these songs, along with a few more additions, to the ongoing VIA VIC playlist on Spotify – be sure to explore. And, if you have any suggestions for inclusions for next month’s feature, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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