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Thu 28 Mar

VIA VIC - March Edition

Five fresh additions to our ongoing VIA VIC playlist – a showcase of the incredible sounds coming from Victoria.

By Always Live

As Victoria transitions through to Autumn, our music scene continues to pulse with life. This month's VIA VIC selections are a testament to the eclectic mix of music that characterises this part of Australia. From intimate jazz melodies to the energetic pulse of feminist punk anthems, each track highlights the talent and diversity within Victoria’s music community.

This month's playlist is here to keep you company until the seasons turn again, and ALWAYS LIVE reveals who is slated for the stage. This playlist isn't just about filling the silence; it's a bridge to stay connected with the sounds of our community, to appreciate the diverse voices that make it unique, and to look forward to what’s next.

Don Glori - First Touch

Melbourne's Gordon Li, known on stage as Don Glori, ushers us in with "First Touch," a creative blend of jazz, funk, soul, R&B, and a touch of Brazilian rhythm. This track is a gateway to Don Glori's upcoming album "Don't Forget To Have Fun," promising a musical journey that keeps your feet moving and your soul stirred. It’s a perfect companion for moments of quiet reflection or intimate connection, inviting listeners into a world where every note feels like a whispered secret.

Hearts & Rockets - The Promise

Switching gears, Hearts & Rockets deliver "The Promise," a synth-driven punk anthem with a feminist edge that recalls the spirit of The Cramps and The B-52’s. This Melbourne duo weaves together narratives of childhood promises and the deep trust rooted in early friendships, shared in a wrapping that demands you move. It's a track that challenges as much as it entertains, embodying the rebellious heart of Victoria's punk scene.

Claire Cross - Alpha

Claire Cross takes us deeper with "Alpha," exploring the mind’s first steps into sleep. Inspired by pioneers like Jon Hassell and William Basinski, Cross crafts a soundscape that merges jazz, ambient, and minimalism into a tranquil journey through our subconscious. "Alpha" stands as a beautiful, scientifically inspired piece that beckons listeners to explore the serene side of their psyche.

Grace Cummings - Common Man

Grace Cummings brings us "Common Man," a soulful dive into country and western depths, laced with longing and a quest for something beyond the mundane. Recorded with Jonathan Wilson in Los Angeles, Cummings' commanding vocals glide over a lush arrangement, showcasing her enviable skills as a storyteller. This track, from her upcoming album "Ramona," captures the essence of human yearning and resilience.

Ruby Jones - Feeling of Falling

Ruby Jones caps off our list with "Feeling of Falling," a song born from the introspection of Melbourne’s lockdowns. Using the metaphor of an unreliable lover, Jones weaves a narrative of longing and resilience that resonates deeply in these uncertain times. Her blend of folk-rock and psychedelia creates a sound that is both nostalgic and distinctly contemporary, capturing the collective spirit of a community finding strength in isolation.

And of course, this is your chance to revisit our previous VIA VIC picks and follow the playlist ongoing.

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