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Fri 03 May

VIA VIC - May Edition

Five fresh additions to our ongoing VIA VIC playlist – a showcase of the incredible sounds coming from Victoria.

By Always Live

Welcome to the May edition of VIA VIC—a showcase of our favourite recent releases from Victorian artists. This month, we’ve curated playlist inclusions that capture every mood and highlight artists at various stages of their careers. Here are 5 tracks we’re particularly excited about:

Telenova - Teardrop

Released in February, "Teardrop" by Telenova is too compelling to overlook. This track beautifully melds elements of dream-pop and trip-hop into a sound that is both reflective and uplifting. The hypnotic beat, evoking '90s electronica, is enhanced by contemporary flourishes. Angeline Armstrong, the voice behind Telenova, captures the nuanced emotions we all experience, noting in an interview with ‘Women in Pop’ that "even the journey towards happiness can be tinged with sadness." Catch them live this weekend (May 4th) at Howler, Melbourne.

Allysha Joy – Stay

"Stay" captures the essence of Melbourne's soul scene, blending poetry with melody in a way that oozes cool. This track marks Allysha Joy’s first solo release in two years and is entirely self-produced. It features a rich mix of sounds, including uplifting backup vocals from Annalisa Fernandez and Jace XL, set against a dynamic mid-tempo groove. Allysha's breathy vocals perfectly complement the live string quartet and the deep tones of her Fender Rhodes. In her own words, "Stay" explores the nuances of true love—inviting, accepting, yet always longing.

The Pretty Littles - Australian Dream

The Pretty Littles deliver "Australian Dream," steeped in Jack Parsons' sharp lyrics and signature wry humour. This track embodies the band's hallmark honesty and emotion, presenting with a seemingly effortless charm that belies the hard work behind its creation. Parsons reveals that "Australian Dream" took five years to write and was a real labor of love, reflecting his critical view on the ideals pushed in Australia. Spanning eight minutes, this song offers a profound journey—a true slice of life that invites listeners to feel every note.

Good Morning - Excalibur

"Excalibur" by Good Morning is as soothing and uplifting as the band's name suggests. The inspiration for the song comes from an introspective stroll through Las Vegas, with the city's odd, quiet streets providing a backdrop to a personal moment of reflection. This feeling of contemplation is woven through the song, blending seamlessly with the intricate melodies. Featured on their ambitious double album, Good Morning Seven, this track stands out with its rich harmonies and a diverse mix of strings and synths, offering a glimpse into the band's evolving sound.

Jess Ribeiro - Jump The Gun

"Jump The Gun" by Jess Ribeiro blends the drive of rock with the soul of folk, capturing the best of both worlds. Featured on her latest album, Summer of Love, this track delves into the restless chatter of a mind that acts before it thinks. Ribeiro's deadpan vocals float over distorted guitars, creating a contrast that's both striking and reflective. With backing from percussion heavyweights Jim White and Dave Mudie, and a chaotic saxophone solo by Darcy McNulty, the music escalates into a powerful expression of controlled chaos.

We’ve added these songs, along with a few more additions, to the ongoing VIA VIC playlist on Spotify – be sure to explore. And, if you have any suggestions for inclusions for next month’s feature, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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