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Access All Areas - Acacia Coates

Get to know Melbourne multi-hyphenate, Acacia Coates.

By Always Live

It's hard to find someone in the Victorian music industry who isn't dipping their toe or diving headfirst into multiple roles, whether it's being an artist, running a label, working at a live music venue, touring with a crew or any other role that keeps the industry moving and growing.

As part of our Access All Areas series, we got to chat to Acacia Coates, one such multi-hyphenate, who's fully immersed in our music scene, helping put incredible artists on stages around the city and jumping up herself.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for work! 

I’m a muso in the bands Pinch Points and Slush and work at Corner Group Live doing a mix of ticketing, publicity and booking for their music venues and pubs. 

How did you get into your line of work? 

I’ve been playing in bands since I was a teenager and I did a bunch of volunteering for music orgs like Amplified Victoria (previously Girls Rock! Melbourne) and The Push, which gave me some great insights and networks. I started working in social media and festival sponsorship for a few years during and after uni, then eventually landed a role in ticketing for CG Live and have been here ever since. 

What draws you specifically to the music industry? 

Music was one of the first things I felt really connected to as a young person, so I was always keen to work in something linked to music scenes/communities. 

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

Getting to find awesome bands to play Social Sanctuary at Northcote Social Club is super exciting. And I like to be a moving part in the big ecosystem that helps make great gigs happen. 

Who are other music industry professionals, in your field or otherwise, who inspire or influence you? 

I’m inspired by Green Music Australia’s work in greening the music industry, Girls Rock! Australia impact in empowering young women, trans and gender diverse folks through their camps, and Groove Tunes’ work in better gig accessibility. I’m inspired by folks at independent labels releasing incredible stuff (e.g. Spoilsport, Poison City, Psychic Hysteria, Third Eye Stimuli) and grassroots promoters touring great bands in a time that’s not the easiest for live music (e.g. Mistletone, Jet Black Cat).

How does music play a role in your life outside your day job? 

There’s always admin and planning things to do behind the scenes for Pinch Points. And I like to keep across new releases and fangirl out over things. 

Pinch Points just reissued their first EP ‘MECHANICAL INJURY’ on vinyl for the first time, with a new single ‘PAVE ME’. You can snag a copy at our Bandcamp. The band is heading to Adelaide for Stonecutters Festival on Jun 24, then to Europe/the UK for a tour in July/August. 

 Acacia also books ‘Social Sanctuary’ at Northcote Social Club, free shows with stellar lineups every Monday night. Check it out at the Northcote Social Club website:

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