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Wed 20 Sep

Backstage Pass: Pier Hotel

Discover one of Victoria's oldest, most beloved live music venues, Frankston's Pier Hotel.

By Always Live

With views that stretch right across the bay and a storied history as a 'super club' of the 80s, Frankston's Pier Hotel and bandroom have grown from a 'state of the art discotheque' to an iconic live music venue celebrating all things rock and roll.

While the famous rotating dance-floor still remains, the birth of the Pier Bandroom, has allowed for a celebration of rock and roll right in the heart of Frankston, drawing on it's long list of names to have graced the stage since it's opening in the 1950s. It's past lives include a 21st Century Nightclub in it's prime and later, Pier Live, but it's relaunch as the Pier Bandroom has proven to truly take the venue to the next level.

With Andrew Parisi and the team overseeing The Croxton's relaunch at the helm, the Pier Bandroom has become one of the Peninsula's most beloved venues to catch live music from both local acts and international artists.

The Bandroom has become a stomping-ground for touring acts looking to reach their south-side audiences. Artists like The Amity Afflication, Hockey Dad, The Presets, Boy & Bear and plenty more have taken to the stage, cementing it as a staple live music venue and a nod to a history of Aussie suburban gigs.

ALWAYS LIVE are adding to the long list of iconic shows taking place at the Bandroom. With Amyl and the Sniffers dropping by along their regional tour on November 25 and The Temper Trap taking over on November 29 for ALWAYS LIVE Gonna Be Good presented by ALWAYS LIVE, CUB, Live At Your Local and Select Music, there's sure to be no shortage of memorable music moments.

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