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Fri 28 Jul

VIA VIC - July Edition

As another month comes to a close, here's some tracks the ALWAYS LIVE team have been loving from spectacular Victorian artists!

By Always Live

As another month comes to a close, we're delivering a fresh round of tracks, hand-selected by the ALWAYS LIVE team, released by incredible Victorian artists.

Nowhere To Be - The Grogans
The Grogans have been making a name for themselves, tearing up stages all over the country and overseas. This latest track chugs along with another heavy guitar riff the Melbourne boys have become known for, whilst also taking time to fill some space with energetic drum fills and anthemic hooks.

The Worst Person Alive - G Flip
G Flip is back with another track and it's instantly a winner in our books. Their voice dances between floating gently in the verses of the song before really rising to the occasion in the choruses. Another track with a really steady guitar riff that carries the song along and lays a great foundation for the rest of the tune to really soar.

Best Life - V
Best Life kicks off with a rumbling bass that's quickly paired with a nostalgic kick drum that really hits you in the chest. V's vocals totally swim all along this track and there's no ignoring the way it just builds and builds until it reaches the chorus, an explosion of sound. Heavy, intentional vocals really tie the entire track together.

Thoughts Back - Cable Ties
Melbourne band Cable Ties bring their bubbling punk-rock sound to this track. What starts as a steady beat paired with abrasively unapologetic vocals and a guitar line that dances between the two, turns into a wall of noise in the best way, bringing plenty of energy and chaos. It's a track that takes you on a journey from the second it starts.

Limelight - Blusher
If the aim of their latest tracks is to soundtrack the journey of going out with friends, highlighting the best moments and making the not-so-best moments sound just as good, then Blusher have succeeded, and Limelight is the perfect example. It's the best of dance-pop, electro-pop, bedroom-pop and good old classic pop all combined into the one song.

Make sure to check out this month's VIA VIC additions and listen to the entire playlist to see what the ALWAYS LIVE team have been loving so far this year.

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