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Garage Band - Class of 2022: Mansplainers

The Mansplainers played a knock-out set at Garage Band 2022, and we got to hear all about their experience.

By Always Live

Mansplainers are an indie rock band based in Naarm and the inner-city high school students draw from artists such as Merpire, Carla Geneve and Wet Leg. Their electrifying set at Garage Band 2022 completely lit up the crowd, and the energy they brought to their performance made for the perfect soundtrack, as the sun set over Fed Square.

We got to chat to the Mansplainers about their GB 2022 experience, what they've been doing since then, as well as get some words of wisdom for young artists considering being a part of Garage Band in 2023.

What was your favourite experience from being a part of the Garage Band experience in 2022?

One of our favourite experiences from Garage Band was the environment in the green room. Everyone was exchanging socials and talking excitedly about their upcoming performance. 

What was a standout moment of the entire day?

It's an indescribable feeling to feel as though you're part of a singular unit, a well-oiled machine. That's how we felt playing the Garage Band gig,  we were all on the same team and we were all super excited to share our music with one another. 

What have you been up to, music-wise, since then?

Since Garage Band, we have been lucky enough to work on the ABC TV show, Turn Up The Volume. In the show, Mansplainers play the band, The Biccies. It's available to stream on ABC iview. 

Have you found any new opportunities that have come as a result of being a part of GB 2022?

We were absolutely able to use our Garage Band experience playing to hundreds of people to help secure other gigs. We have used the footage and photos from the day to secure a press kit that we use to apply for many other gigs. It is so valuable.

What would you say to any young musicians thinking about applying for Garage Band 2023?

Apply. Apply. Apply. You won't regret it. Performing at Garage Band gave our band valuable opportunities we never thought we would have. This was our first big gig, and performing in front of 100+ people gave us a great headstart in the industry.

An aforementioned cameo on ABC and a number of gigs have followed since the Mansplainers took to the Garage Band stage last year. We can't wait to add some Mansplainer tracks to our playlists but in the meantime, make sure you follow them at @mansplainersband so you don't miss their next move.

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