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VIA VIC - August Edition

Check out the latest tracks we discovered in August, brought to you by Victorian artists.

By Always Live

August has come and gone, and yet there's always more tunes to discover, coming right out of Victoria. Whether it's established, beloved Aussie favourites or fresh faces just stepping out onto the stage, this month's additions to our VIA VIC playlist cover all bases.

Fireball Whiskey - Angie McMahon
Angie McMahon is not one to shy away from creating soundscapes that completely sweep you away, and this latest song is no different. Whether it's the gentle sounds of the outdoors in the intro, the lilting piano that dives into the lower moments of the song or her steady vocals that sit amongst it all, Fireball Whiskey takes you on a journey from start to finish.

1975 - Tash Sultana
Tash Sultana smartly references British-band The 1975 in this seven-minute track that manages to captivate you for the entire duration. It's a track worth sticking around for, if not for Tash's airy vocals in the intro, or the anthemic guitar that joins in a couple minutes later, than for the way it completely transforms and builds into a synth-pop wall of sound by minute five that hits you right in the chest.

ALMOST FAMOUS - Agung Mango, Melody Napoleon
Agung Mango has been making his circuit right around the country and internationally too. This track, a collaboration with fellow Melbourne-native Melody Napoleon is a masterclass in his linguistic prowess and ability to sit comfortably amongst an incredibly well-produced track. The song mixes the best of old-school hip hop with the sounds of today, allowing Mango moments to show off a very respectable vocal performance on top of already impressive rapping.

Made To Love - Sunfruits
The second track on Sunfruits' latest album One Degree, Made To Love sounds like it's ripped from the intro of an early 2000s teen-flick in the best way possible. It's nostalgic and full of energy, with a chorus that gets stuck in your head right from the first spin. Gritty guitars lay down the perfect segue between verses that chug along and choruses that soar.

Escape From You - Atomic Entourage
Garage Band 2022 Alumni Atomic Entourage put on an energetic live performance and this track, taken from their EP Dangerous showcases that they can lay down a track in the studio that translates just as well from the stage to your speakers. The lead vocals sit confidently atop the rest of the track, completely taking charge of the rolling drums and consistently building guitars. It's a track that just makes us even more excited to see what comes from our GB Alumni.

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