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VIA VIC - September Edition

Check out the newest additions to the VIA VIC playlist for the month of September!

By Always Live

The September additions for our VIA VIC playlist span from international, global icons to up-and-coming artists from the ALWAYS LIVE program. It's just a glimpse at the incredible music coming out of the state of Victoria and we're loving it!

Fever Dream - JHM, Fractures
If this track from young, up-and-coming muso JHM is anything to go by, we absolutely cannot wait for her to get on stage at Garage Band 2023. Super smooth and silky production contrast with her punchy vocals, reminiscent of some early Billie Eilish, with a hint of RnB influences creeping in as well.

Universe - Willowbank Grove
Nothing is as expected with this track from Willowbank Grove, an alt-rock band from Melbourne's north east. Whether it's a trumpet line, vamping guitar solo or ripping vocals, this tune has it all. There's elements of classic UK rock, blended with a modern Australian sound that means Willowbank Grove have got the nostalgic yet fresh sound nailed perfectly.

Got Me Started - Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan has backed up his hit single, Rush, with yet another track that is only helping solidify this new era. Could it be the hypnotic synths, layered with thin, airy vocals? Or is it the mix of dance-pop and electronic sounds that keep the song chugging along to create the perfect summer dance track? If anything, it's probably the iconic sample of 'Shooting Stars' by fellow Australians, Bag Raiders, that blends so effortlessly into the song's chorus.

Backbone - Blusher
If there's one thing Blusher consistently nail it's the bedroom-pop sound, and they've managed to weave it into this latest track. The verses bubble and build towards a chorus packed with synths and layered vocals, reminiscent of M83 and MGMT of the late 2010s and simply made to sing along to.

Messy - SHRETA
If SZA and Kehlani had a musical child, it would probably be SHRETA. The Melbourne-born RnB singer shows off her sharp pen-game in this latest single, pairing it with ethereal vocals and harmonies, and manages to pull off witty and sharp lyrics with a distinctly laid-back delivery.

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